Dorothea Leicher psychotherapy Doris Leicher LCSW

Dorothea Leicher has been working with individuals, couples and families of all ages for over 30 years.  She can work in English or German. She is licensed in clinical social work and certified as psychoanalyst.

Many of her clients tried other therapies before but had not gotten the results they wanted. With the breath of her training and experience she can be flexible enough to fine-tune treatment goals and interventions until they work satisfactorily to help them improve their

  • work-life
  • family life
  • relationships


  • overcome severe and persistent mental illness or addictive problems.

Finding out about the various experiences that have shaped my clients’ lives and helping them to integrate even tragic events constructively for a richer and happier life has been a major joy in my life. In this process I like to put the “fun” in “functional”. If you would like to get a better idea of my sense of fun, click on “a picture is worth 1000 words”. Enjoy!

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